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Help italki with Translation in Indonesian, Polish, Korean, Japanese and Italian_Thank you!


Dear all,

Greetings from italki!

To make italki more user-friendly, italki is going to launch one important feature very soon. And to get different language versions for italki, we need your help in Indonesian, Polish, Korean, Japanese and Italian.
And there are altogether 150 words and expressions in the file.
Before you start the translation, please pay attention to some basic guidelines.

1)Please translate those terms between and marks.
2)Please don't change those special marks like ()?#@ in the text.
3)Please specify the language you are helping with in the comment (in case there are more than two members doing the same translation).
4)After you finish the translation, please send it to

Thank you for your support to italki! Let's make italki the best language exchange and learning community online!

For learning: English
Base language: Chinese (Mandarin)
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    Hi Ms Help, what is the text to be translated?
    I have done Italian translation, I'm going to send it.

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