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Question word?

Can any one Explain me where and how the following words are used for?
1) Wherefore
2) where with
3) Whither
4) Whence

Thanks in advance,:)

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    Wherefore = For what reason? Because of what? Why? (very old fashioned)
    "Wherefore do the wicked live?" ~ Job 21:7 King James Bible

    Wherewith = Out of which? By means of which? (very very old fashioned)
    "...the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people..." ~ Zachariah 14:12 KJB

    Whither = to where? to which place? (uncommon)
    "The wagon took me on, I knew not whither" ~ My Antonia by Willa Cather

    Whence = from where? from what place? (more common than whither, but still uncommon)
    "Whence did the principle of life proceed?" ~ Mary Shelley

    Don't worry about them though, they're very old-fashioned and not necessary in modern English.

    They are all very old fashioned words. Please look them up on

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