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What does " an enigma wrapped in a paradox" mean please?

What is the meaning for " an enigma wrapped in a paradox" and "regardless" please?

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    It is a rewrite of a famous quote by Winston Churchill, the great English
    Prime Minister that was able to successfully drive England out
    of WWII and to win other Nazi Germany and Italian Fascism.
    The quote goes like this:
    “Soviet Union foreign policy is a puzzle inside a riddle
    wrapped in an enigma, and the key is Russian nationalism.”

    I don't know the year, should have been around 1940;
    The meaning: something with an unpredictable behaviour, that does not follow
    an easy way of definition; I think this is mostly applied to a human being;
    Regardless ABC: not considering ABC, not taking in account the influence, the opinion of ABC

    I don't know that much about that either but here's what i understood.
    An enigma is used to describe something that is puzzling, or a mystery.
    and paradox is something contradictory.
    so an enigma wrapped in a paradox is meant to say a puzzle that is hidden inside another puzzle ( to put it in simple terms )
    so it is basically used by someone to describe themselves to be mysterious and different from others

    Regardless simply means to show no regard to something or someone (or) to neglect someone/something
    Example: I walk to work regardless of the weather

    Above sentence means that " I always walk to my work place even if the weather is not good that is i don't mind the weather or neglect the weather.

    I hope this helped you..

    An 'enigma' is a mysterious ,puzzling thing or person.
    'Paradox' here means a thing ( or a person) showing contradictory characteristics.

    So it is an expression used to refer to something or someone that is really so puzzling and ambiguious because of their contradictory behavior or features.

    It could have political ,social or psychological connotations according to the context .

    means taking no regard of or careless unconcern of something .
    It means also in spite of everything, disregarding any beforementioned drawbacks and without taking them into account.
    It could also mean 'at any rate' as in
    "Regardless, he is determined to buy the house."

    "He was interested in the results regardless of the source."
    "He didn't change his diet and went on eating as before regardless of his doctor's warnings."

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