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which words could be used to describe a man who is good looking?

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    Now this seems to be something which is changing in English. For people of my age, you would almost always call a good-looking man simply good-looking or handsome. Perhaps we would say attractive, although this would be normally a word a woman would use about a man, not another man [unless he was attracted to other men!] However, I have found more young people seem to use "beautiful" for a very handsome man, which sounds very odd to me as it used to be only women and things, such a scene, diamonds, etc. could be called beautiful. I have just googled "beautiful men" and there are 27 million entries, so it says! I would never say this myself, but I think younger people do.

    Well, you can use "good looking" to begin with. A man could also be "handsome" and "attractive" . It is not a good idea to describe a man as "pretty" or "beautiful" (unless in certain cases )

    a good looking man= a cute guy

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