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Uncountable Nouns with 'ARE', 'IS' and 'IS A', a little confused

I am a little confused about the use of 'are' and 'is', 'is a' with uncountable nouns.

The 'software' is an uncountable noun but there are a lot of instances in search results from Internet, such as

- “Free software” is a matter of liberty.
- Computer software, or just software, is a collection of computer programs and related data.
- Social software is a bit of a Trojan horse.

Q: why it is able to follow with 'is a'?

- Accounting software is our business.
- Software is hard.

- What software are critical for surfing the web?
- What software are needed for Turntable?
- Best software are opinionated.
- Software are the great help to solve the issue about to operate devices

Q: Why there are 'are' following with 'software'?

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    uncountable nouns are usually treated as singular, thus, followed by singular verb "is". However, if you add something to that 'uncountable noun' such as "5 sets of software", then it can be counted and be followed by "are".


    I think the use of 'are' is incorrect. Where are you seeing this? It may be by non-native speakers who are not as good at English as you are.

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