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what is "lupet"?

Sa walang kasing lupet.... what does it mean?

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    for filipinos, the word lupet could mean "cruel;rude;brutal"

    "ang lupet mo naman sa bata!" [you're so cruel to that child!]
    "wala kang kasing lupet sa mga estudyante mo!] [no one is more rude to the students than you]

    but just as maan said, sometimes it is also an expression of someone's extra ordinary ability to do something.

    "wala kang kasing lupet sumayaw!" [you're so good in dancing!]

    sometimes, you can only say, "lupet!" which means, "excellent!"

    its actually hard to explain... but for me it means "to a person who is so good" most probably to a particular thing.. but that my personal meaning to it... : )

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