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Could somebody tell me something about host family in U.S.A (better in California )? Pls

just tell me anything about~ like the etiquette and so on..
if u r living in the host family,i'd like to hear your story or tell me about your real life,that would be grateful. Thanks!
if u r American,please tell me something about the customs. Like what should pay more attention to,thank u!
if u r a student in high school in California,please tell me about your school,anything about it! Thanks a lot!


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    Santa Barbara City College is a very, very good choice. City of Santa Barbara is somewhat small, the weather is perfect (sometimes fog in the morning), and it is quite safe. Your parents won't have to worry. I grew up there, I should know. Hosting, I don't know much about. Take extra care, though. Some do it just for the added income, which may not be the best for you. On hosting, try to find family near a bus stop, as that's probably how you'll get to SBCC, which is just off the ocean. San Diego is good, but bigger and perhaps a bit overwhelming. Santa Cruz, south of San Fran. is also a good choice with plenty of activities. Thousand Oaks, too, is pleasant. But Santa Barbara, the college there, is likely the most comfortable for you, in my opinion.

    Make friends, talk, find a way to have an active and fun life.

    California is very big. There is a lot of variety in climate, landscape, and things to do. It is like a separate country.

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