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Can I use :have had been doing sth ?Annoying tense !!!

For example:
" I have been waiting for you" .it means I was waiting for you till now im still waiting for you ?
can I use "I have had been waiting for you "it means I had been waiting for you in those time ,now Im not waiting for you anymore ?

just confuse me !!!! how to use have ?have to use have had ?

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    Don't confuse yourself, it's not so difficult.

    "I have had..." is present perfect. You had something in the past, which relates to the situation now. Remember this is about *possession*: "I have had (something)."

    "I have been..." is also present perfect. In your example, "I have been waiting for you", it's still a past event which connects with now. So perhaps you are still waiting, or you stop waiting just now.

    "I have had been..." is impossible. You've clumped grammar together and repeated yourself, like saying "I did was" or "I am going to will be".. all impossible.

    The big mistake is thinking the "have" in "have been" or "have had" is still a basic verb. It's actually an auxiliary (ie. the other verb - had/been - is past participle, which means it needs another word to function). In this case, you need only one auxiliary (have/had) and one past participle. That is all!! It doesn't build any further.

    When you use "I had had.." it's still about a past possession, but a possession you had before something else happened in the past. This is past perfect, which signals to the reader "this happened *earlier*".

    Hope that helps. Perfect tenses are only difficult when you're not used to using them.

    "I have been waiting for you" means that you are probably still waiting, although completion isn't implied.

    "I had been waiting" means that the waiting is over.

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