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what are the differences and Mohabbat eshgh?

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hwahahaha.whatta bad grammar...looks like I was drunk while writing that question!
perhaps the correct phrase is "what's the differences between eshgh and Mohabbat?"

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    Hey Issni.
    "ESHGH" is something close to "LOVE" and "MOHABBAT" can be translated to "AFFECTION";eshgh conveys more strong feelings.
    Good luck

    ESHGH means " THE LOVE" when you want to express your feeling about something that you love by this noun. Mohabbat mean Love as well but a level less than that in Persian culture...Anyway, ESHGH is the last level of loving something or someone that you're going to see and feel...I hope I can help you in understanding...Anyway, in many time these 2 words consider same as each other...

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