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what kind of gift suit man teacher?

we will have a homecoming.we want to give the head-teacher of our class.But we don't know what he will like.could you give me some advice?thanks!

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    A watch, a perfume , a tie ,a leather wallet or portofolio and many others depending on your budget.
    If you know his favorite sport ,then a sports gift would be very practical.
    You can add a personalized frame with some words of gratitude or appreciation ,if you like that.


    A good quality belt is always welcome (but you must find out his correct size first). Or maybe a nice toiletries bag for traveling (for his razor, toothbrush, etc.).
    an elegant watch will be a very good choice

    One student gave me a pair of socks once. I really appreciated that, and used them for years. (Of course I washed them between wearings!)

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