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When to not use 是

It seems like I overuse 是,however the way I was taught was that it meant is/are/am and in English we use that all the time. When do I not use 是 ?

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    In Chinese you don't necessarily have to use it ,specially when describing something,using an adjective .
    You could say :

    wo hen hao
    I am fine ( good)

    wo SHI hen hao de.

    They both mean the same. Notice,when you use 是 here ,you use 'de' after the adjective.

    However when 是 is followed by an object and is part of the predicate of the sentence, then it has to be used and can't be omitted as in:

    I am a woman
    You can't say:

    I think , a native Chinese could elaborate more .

    When you want a state that can use it,
    for example "I am happy(我很开心)" "I am sad(我很难过)."
    Or when you want to describe something you can use it,
    for example, "only pen is beautiful(这支笔是漂亮的)," "This thing is very difficult to achieve.(这件事是很难做到的)"
    and then There is "Yes" =是

    是 like predicate . 是in english usually means "is" , sometims 是 means "yes" like Sure tone.

    my english is poor , i hope you can understand

    Dear, you can't translate all the am/is/are to "是",that's absolutely incorrect. “是” is an important word in Chinese which have many meanings and different parts of speech,I suggest you learn Chinese grammar first,then you‘ll know when we have to use it or not. Also, you can recite some sentances we usually use.


    you can translate the example sentences of the word "be" in an English dictionary into Chinese. maybe then you'll find when 是 is used and when it's not.

    usually, if you want to express that A is identical to B, or A and B are the same thing/person, you should use 是:

    -My name is Eric.

    -He is my dad.

    usually,we say 是的,it means yes,but in different occasion,we use ways to say “yes”. like 对的,好的,是啊,好啊,they all meas 是

    In the following sentences, you dont use 是:
    第一、   表位置、处所(location/situation)
    I am on my way.我马上就到。
    He is at home.他在家。
    She was out for a walk.她出去散步了。
    Something/Somebody is above/on/under/on the left of/on the right of/in something/somebody.某人/某物在某人/某物的上/下/左/右/里
    第二、   表生理或心理状态等(state)
    1.   年龄(age)
    I am three years old.我(今年)三岁。
    Bob is tall/short/fat/thin.鲍勃(长得/个子)很/挺 高/矮/胖/瘦。
    She was red with anger.她气得满脸通红
    I am happy/angry with somebody/sad.我很高兴/在生某人的气/伤心。
    4.身体状况(how are you)
    You are ill.你病了。
    I am fine.我很好。
    I am hungry.我饿了。
    He was born in 2013.他生于2013年。哈哈哈哈,人类之子。
    He is dead.他死了。
    I wonder if she is married.我想知道她是否结婚了。
    I am come from China.我来自中国。
    The box is too heavy for her to carry .这个箱子太沉了,她搬不动。
    That bottle is broken.那个瓶子是破的=那个瓶子破了。
    These flowers are beautiful.这些花儿很美。
    You are so kind.你人真好。
    第三、   表人的动作或状态(action)
    I am wondering…….我在想…..
    I am confused……..我很困惑…..
    He is working.他在上班。
    She was crying.她在哭。
    He is absent today.他今天缺席了。
    第四、   固定短语(fixed phrase)
    There be…….有……
    Be going to do ……要……
    第五、   被动语态(passive voice)
    You will be asked a lot of questions by them.你得回答他们很多问题。
    He is regarded as brilliant by people. 人们认为他很有才华。
    第六、   表比较(compare)
    He is taller than me.他比我高。
    第七、   其他(others)
    She is used to be a teacher.她以前是个老师。
    Be careful/good/quite.小心/乖/安静。
    You are quite welcome.你太客气了。

    More examples:I am in class1,grade 7. 我读七年级一班。
    I am clever.我很聪明。
    I am cold.我感觉冷。
    I am ready.我准备好了。
    I am sorry.对不起。
    I am late。我迟到了。

    as what you have said ~~~you thought is/am/are means 是
    just when we use is/am/are to define something
    he is my younger brother他是我的弟弟
    she is pretty 她很漂亮(一般不说“她是漂亮的”)
    im reading 我在看书(一般不说“我是在看书”)

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