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Come tradurre "I've learned my lesson" in italiano?

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    a) Ho imparato la lezione (/mia/ is usually dropped)
    b1) lezione appresa
    b2) lezione imparata

    (a) is kind of emotionally 'neutral', it could be said by a child with an happy voice,
    or by somebody you scolded, to express regret, and the desire to do better

    (b1), (b2) are a terse way to say that 'next time will be better', and eventually to
    stop arguing.

    /appreso/ is past particle from /apprendere/ (to learn, but in a factual way, like
    when you learn how to behave, or how to assemble an engine);
    it is seldom used as a verb (with the exception of past particle)
    and originates the noun /apprendista/, a person who is learning
    a job in the field.

    /imparare/ is more generic:
    imparare a camminare
    imparare a leggere
    imparare l'italiano

    literally is:

    "ho imparato la mia lezione"


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