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Are Korean people really like they are in the dramas?

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    Absolutely. Didn't you know that Korean dramas don't even have scripts? They just go out and film random people on the streets and then make a drama out of it.

    I want to know that too!

    maybe or maybe not. :)

    I was in South Korea in April. They are people just the same as everywhere else with the same problems. Don't be taken in by stereotypes of people you see on TV or the movies.

    i think most of the korean like there drama. yeah, for me, it's very different for what it is. i'm really crazy about these dramas; 베토벤 바이러스(Beethoven virus), 불멸의 이순신(the immortal Yi soon shin), 궁(imperial house hold) but even i'm korean, i don't have interest for other korean dramas.

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