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hey guys, I have 2 sentences here that I need to:
a. Give the correct form of the verb
b. Translate into english
c. Rewrite in present, past and present perfect tense.
I need your help to correct it, since my book doesn't give me more keys for this exercise.
1. Moeder (lopen) naar de winkel
a. lopen --> loop, liep, gelopen
b. mother is walking to the shop
c. Moeder loopt naar de winkel - Moeder liep naar de winkel - Moeder heeft naar de winkel gelopent.

2. Zij (kopen) brood.
a. kopen --> koop, kocht, gekocht
b. she is buying bread.
c. zij koopt brood - Zij kocht brood - Zij heeft brood gekocht.

I really appreciate your answers. Thanks for answering my question.

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    "Moeder heeft naar de winkel gelopent."
    This sentence is wrong. It should be: Moeder IS naar de winkel gelopen.
    You would use "is" in this sentence because she walked TO the store. If she was walking IN the store it would be "Moeder heeft in the winkel gelopen.

    The second sentence is correct. However you should keep in mind that the Dutch "Zij" can mean she, as you have used, but it can also mean they.
    In that case you use the plural.
    b: They are buying bread
    c. Zij kopen brood - Zij kochten brood - Zij hebben brood gekocht.

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