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How do you say these phrases?

1. to learn by heart / I learned poem by heart
2. nevermind it
3. bring it up
4. Do you believe in miracles?
5. To be or not to be? (common philosophy question)
6. I am doing homework.
7. I've passed exam / I've passed schoolyear.
8. My hobbys are / My hobby is
9. Strangely enough / Strangely enough he wasn't hurt
10. Study harder next time.

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    Oh, this can be a tough one as there may different meanings depending on the situation!

    1) At lære det udenad / Jeg kunne digtet udenad ("I could the poem by heart")
    - we don't really say "by heart", but rather use "memorize"

    2) Glem det ("Forget it") / Det er ligemeget ("it doesn't matter")

    3) You have to specify this one, it has too many meanings for me to guess the right one.

    4) Tror du på mirakler?

    5) At være eller ikke at være
    - oh dear Hamlet!

    6) Jeg laver lektier

    7) Jeg har bestået eksamen
    - we don't really say "Jeg har bestået skoleåret", the last one.

    8) Mine hobbyer er / Min hobby er

    9) Mærkeligt nok / Mærkeligt nok var han ikke kommet noget til
    - you can also use "underligt nok / besynderligt nok / forunderligt nok" (use "mærkeligt/underligt")

    10) Studér mere næste gang / Læs grundigere næste gang ("Read more thoroughly next time")
    - both got more or less same meaning, but the latter can be used for other things too

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