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Is Korean a hard language to learn?

For learning: Korean
Base language: English
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    maybe or maybe not, I think all of language are not easy~
    I had a chance to teach Korean to American children and parents about an hour. After an hour later when I've checked some of easy speaking sentences of Korean, they immediately understood that how difficult it was to learn other language since no one remembered what they learned, even though I admited that I was not a teacher who would be able to teach them well, it was not what I expected. I am sure you can understand what I mean.

    Not for the Turkish.^^
    Thanks to the same root of the language, there are lots of grammatical similarities between the Turkish language and Korean, so I bet it won't take long for the Turkish to master our language.

    Here are some similarities between both languages.

    1) the same word order, which is Subject + Object +Verb
    2) no prepostitions
    3) vowel harmony
    4) adjectives come before nouns
    5) no articles or relatives
    6) adjectives can be predicates without be-verb


    hard yet fun ^^

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