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Korean Dialects?

Often when I'm watching Korean shows and the talk falls on dialects, it's usually about the Seoul and Busan dialects.
As a dialect speaker myself, I would like to know how many and what differences there are on the Korean dialects, etc.
If someone here speaks a dialect, or know how to, maybe you could give me some examples? Also, how do people react when you use dialect, and so on.

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    I'm a Busan(Gyung-sang province) dialect speaker.
    I can't say I know exactly how many dialects are in Korean.
    I would like to say the diarects can be roughly divided into 5 dialects.
    Gyung-sang, Jeon-ra, Gang-won, Chung-cheong, and Jeju province.

    Gyung-sang dialect, I use, has tough and faster accent. So, when two person from Gyung-sang province talk to each other, people, who don't get used to hear their dialects, normally think the two person is arguing each other.

    On the other hand, when I hear Jeon-ra dialect spoken by a angry person, I doubt he/she is really angry. Because Jeon-ra dialect sounds slow and relaxed to me.

    To be honest, when I hear other dialects, I feel it's fun and funny. Most of Korean do, either.
    And if a foreigner speak a dialect well, oh, he/she will be invited to a TV show^^

    If you hear all kinds of the dialects, you can realize the differences between them.

    Explaining in English writing is kind of hard work to me^^

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