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Banavat mae geravat.Topic for Bhashan. Any idea what to say??

My Formative assessment 1 is going to start next week and this is my first exam, To say a Bhashan on "banavat mae geravat."
And after that "Kya aaj ki shisksha bachpan ko khaa rahi haa" ( Is today's education eating childhood) I have to say on paksh ( yes )

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    I don't know what Bhashan "banavat mae geravat." is. Is it something to do with a mother? If you write it in English, then I can help you.

    Hi Karan, look up this italki site for how to give an oral presentation first

    Correction: Is today's education destroying [NOT eating] childhood?

    Yes there are problems related to the education system in India, especially science education. Because of the pressures that children face to score the maximum marks in exams, mugging up takes priority over understanding.
    Children are born curious and it is very important to ensure that one doesn't destroy what's already there in a child. But the Indian education system is destroying the curiosity in a child.
    In India, apart from the schools, the coaching/tuition classes are also responsible for the diminishing of understanding in children. That's because these classes only train children for the exams and don't encourage original thinking like schools do in the west..

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