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people oftenly use this word (hun). what does it mean?

plz tell me

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    "People [often] use the word "hun".
    It is actually "hon" (but it sounds like "hun"). It is short for "honey" and it is a term of endearment. You would only use it on a person of the opposite sex that you were close to.

    This is slang and it is also an affectionate term. Women use this in English when talking to men or women. It is short for honey. It is similar to darling or sweetie. Women often say this especially waitresses and bartenders in the United States as a friendly term. Do not take this the wrong way. It is not to be taken in an intimate or flirtatious way. Also, men do not usually use this term. The only exception is when a man is talking to his wife or girlfriend or if the man is gay. Hope this helps!

    "Hon" It is short for "honey". In the South (US), everyone uses the term for everyone, regardless if you are are intimate with the person or not. It is equivalent to "dear".

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