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Wychwalać vs. Zachwalać


Is there a difference in meaning, even a slight one, between these two words or do they both simply mean to praise? Thanks!

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    Basically the two verbs have the same meaning. If we are talking about a slight difference, I'd say that "wychwalać" is a bit stronger than "zachwalać". Also we usually connect "wychwalać" with a person. For example:
    - Ona wychwala swojego syna codziennie- she praises her son everyday.
    - Kupiec zachwala swoje towary- a merchant praises his goods.
    So, the first sentence means that a mother is very proud of her son and she talks excessively about him. The second one means that the merchant wants to sell his stuff, so he advertises it. As I told you connect "wychwalać" with a person- if you'd write:
    - Ona zachwala swojego syna codziennie - that does not sound correct and means that perhaps the mom wants to sell the son.
    But you can use "wychwalać" in the second sentence:
    - Kupiec wychwala swoje towary- the merchant praises to the skies the goods.

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