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Какие самые известные сайты по-русски? Я уже знаю о Вконтакт,

and, but what other sites are really popular? Enough so that I won't have any problem visiting the site regularly.

Forums, video sites, social networking и.т.д.

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    If you're searching for forums, then what kind of forums are you interested in?
    If it's allowed in the USA, visit - the best russian torrent-tracker (it looks like a forum, where you can download and discuss; registration needed).


    If you would like to read russian newspapers I can advise the following ones:
    These sites are basicly useful to be up-to-date for economical and political situation in Russia and in the world.
    The most popular videosite is russian version of youtube ( and its analogues.
    Also there is an interesting site called There you can find the examples of russian slange. The aim of this site is to collect funny notes from the RuNet.

    Мне добавить и нечего. Но я просто напишу. Скажи какая у тебя цель, я скажу какие тебе нужны сайты.
    I have nothing to add. But I just write. Tell me what your goal, I'll tell you what site you want.

    my favourite site is
    it's a blog service, just like lj, but much better, imho.

    You might wanna visit - it's loaded with useful information on various topics! You can share your thoughts and ideas over there.
    To be honest, there's tonnes of useful sites in Russian to anyone's liking. It pretty much depends on what kind of information you're interested in.
    Btw, try, for a change. It's more of a social network site, though, which is basically about answering strangers' weird questions. However, it could be a lot of fun and very useful in learning Russian slang and stuff like that.

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