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Is there a Persian word تکاتون ?

I find a persian word in a persian-chinese dictionary,it is mostly like تکاتون ,but i can't determine .maybe it like تلاتون .i don't know the second letter is ک or ل,and its meaning is generally "moderate".
If any Iranian friend know it ,please tell me its spelling and pronunciation.

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please write it down in persian letters,and give the pronunciation in latin,ok?

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    It might be misspelled ,it would be helpful if you provided the word in a whole sentence, so it is possible to guess its correct spelling.


    Hey Ali.
    I haven't seen anything like these before;I also checked the dictionary but I couldn't find anything.I really don't know what it might be.
    Good luck!

    That's typed incorrectly. On Persian(Farsi) keyboard ت ، ا and ن are placed on the same row and near each other.At such cases just Google the word. Now your question is the only reference for this word on Google.

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