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Which Formality Level?

I am going to meet my Persian professor in a few weeks. When I speak to her, which should I use?
For example,
چی گفتین؟
چی گفتید؟

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    non of them, if you wanna talk to your professor in a polite way you'd better use the verb "فرمودن" and in order to make it intimate - but still polite - use the informal form "فرمودین" instead of "فرمودید"

    The second is a polite sentence.

    I think you can use you know that "ین" is colloquial form of the "ید" and when you use them it shows your respect.the "ید" is more formal but I don't think that level of formality would be necessary,huh?she's an affectionate teacher.
    Good luck!

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