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How to learn German?

I've been learning German for half a year with a teacher, three years ago.After that I learned all by myself,but stopped for two years...

I can pronounce German,but the German grammar is too hard for me.I have a book  and sometimes I use the software “Rosetta Stone” to learn German.

In my opinion,I must learn the single German words first,then try to every sentence. The most important,I must adhere to study. It's always easy for me to give up :(

So, what do you think?

Thank you 谢谢 :)

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    German was hard for me, too, at first. For vocabulary, go to and look up German. There are lists as well as games to play. For case, gender, and other basic grammar rules, visit my teacher's website This is what my teacher calls his "magic list" it helps German students a lot For more learning, try Living Language complete course beginners. Then you can do beyond the basics. Trust me, in fourty lessons, you'll learn grammar, vocab, and basic fluency in no time!

    Hi you can learn German here at Italki, go to

    The fact that you stopped for 2 years is a good reason for you to almost forget most of what you learned before, so don't worry if your level didn't improve since.No need to give up ,because to improve you have to put some effort into it,otherwise you wouldn't sense a tangible progress.

    I don't agree with your method of learning words separately first then learning them in contexts and sentences. You should rather do both simultaneously.
    Read texts, watch any audio or video material and learn words through them ,then apply them in sentences, when writing and speaking.

    German grammar is not easy, it requires first a well understanding of the rules,then continuous applying of the rules in sentences and exercises and simultaneously reading,writing and speaking for constant exposure to the language.

    I wish you luck and I could help you in exchange of Chinese :)

    I've learned German when I was highschool junior and senior. This year, I major in German.
    Because of university entrance examination, I commited everything to memory. So I can remember for ever befot Military. In fact it needs interesst about not only language but also culture, country and history. I want you torecommend German penpal and to meet a German and get along with him. Recently I take part in "Stammtisch".
    You can meet new german friends on Facebook or penpal website as well as italki. listen much. repeat and be interessted in culture and history. for example, there is an English expression "Excuse my French". What does that mean?
    Learnig is priority. then next is cultur, meet many Germans.


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