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Why many foreigners think of China the spratly islands are Vietnam

Why many foreigners think of China the spratly islands are Vietnam.As is know to us.The nansha islands is a part of China's territory since ancient times.This is undeniable fact!!!!!!!!!!

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    As far as I know no country has outright sovereignty over these islands, not Vietnam, not China, and not anybody else.

    According to wikipedia( ): "The first possible human interaction with the Spratly Islands dates back between 600 BCE to 3 BCE. This is based on the theoretical migration patterns of the people of Nanyue (southern China and northern Vietnam) and Old Champa kingdom who may have migrated from Borneo, which may have led them through the Spratly Islands.[5]"

    People have mixed ancestors from both: Vietnam and China. I think that noone should claim such islands. It is people that live there to decide whenever they want be included into one of countries or not. If they don't decide then they should be their own new nation. Everyone should have such a basic right to decide where they belong to.
    I don't see why someone else should decide for them? It is their lives, it is their is place they live in... you can only have some influence on decision if you live there too. If you don't live there...well who are you then to decide for them? How would you feel if you would live on that island and big nations would all want to claim you not even asking you what you feel your belonging is? I would feel awful!

    Besides...nations in general are political thing for which everyone can find excuses to make people hate each other; we are all humans. Be aware... Nations didn't exist before politicians !!! Only races did! Please don't make hate...make love! =) <3

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