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Dutch Birthday Song

Dear Dutch friends,


We went to a birthday party yesterday. Kids sang Dutch birthday song for the boy. It sounds like " long shall you live, long shall you live........" Totally different a song. And it sounds so energetic too. I love it.

Please is there anyone who can tell me the Dutch lyrics that we can google translate and practice well enough before we go to the next birthday party.

Dank je wel!


Additional Details:

Just now I searched from the internet. I found it might be like this:

Lang zal je leven ,
Lang zal je leven,
Lang zal je leven in de glorie ah.
In de glorie ah....
in de glorie ah....
Hiep hiep Hola....hiep hiep hola...

I am not so sure about the last cheering sentences.

Is that all? It will be greatly appreciated if someone can explain in details .

Dank je wel

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    Yes, you are right. The lyrics are
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven
    Lang zal ze leven in de gloria
    In de gloria, in de gloria
    Hieperdepiep Hoera (3 times)

    You would need to say something like this:
    Lang (a sounds almost like o) sal (dito) se lay-fun
    Lang sal suh lay-fun
    Lang sal suh lay-fun in da gloria
    In da gloria, in da gloria
    Heeperduh-peep Who-rah (3 times)

    To check the sound…

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