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In Swedish is "J" pronounced more like an English "Y"?

If so, does an English name like Joshua, James, Jack as an example, change their english sound to the swedish? 

So Josh pronounced "Juh-oshh" in English would be more like "Yuh-osh"in Swedish?

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    It's not a big deal how you pronounce the name. And how we pronounce different names depends more on all the different accents in sweden. The letters Y and J are very simulare, I think it is the vocals you'll change in many names.
    For example, in the name John, the O is pronounced more as the second O in "com'on" in english(?) and would sound more like the O in the english word "on" in swedish.. Don't know if you see the difference here. hehe. It's easier if you actually hear a swedish person say these names for you, so that you can decide if there are any differences.

    In short; yes. But some people sometimes pronounce it like the English "J".

    When i say "jävlar" or "jäklar" i sometimes say it with the "tch"-sound.

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