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What's the difference between "will" and "going to"?

could you please help me with some examples? thank you

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    Hi Melina

    Here is a good and simple answer to your question :

    Going to : is used for arrangements and future predictions based on

    Ex : I am going to the doctor's on Saturday - Arrangement
    I am going to UK this summer - Arrangement
    The clouds are dark I think it is going to rain - Future prediction based on evidence

    Will : is used for future facts , predictions and Instant decisions

    Ex : It will probably rain tomorrow - Prediction -
    If you spend all your money , you will be broke - Future Fact
    I will go if I had time . - Instant Decision

    I hope this helps .
    Muhammad Najem

    PS : They are both very similar so don't pay it much attention .

    if u decided to do something for next time u have to use " going to " but if u are not sure about ur plan for future u have to use " will" .....

    "Will and go to ... " are similar to "ir a (infinitivo) y futuro". Simply we could explain like this. I hope it is enough. Adios


    "Going to + verb" is a future action which is closer to the present than "will + verb". Some call it the immediate future.

    The use of will and going to in English is very similar to Spanish. Going to is normally used when you're going to do something soon. "I'm going to eat lunch at 12" (Voy a comer a las 12) I wouldn't say "I will eat lunch at 12" (Comeré a las 12).

    Will is also a little more formal than going to. I use going to more often than I use will.

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