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~ because in Korean?

how do you say and use because in a sentence

can you also explain where to use it in a sentence

is it 때문에? how do i use 때문에

정말 갑사합니다!!!!!

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    Bascially it's same as because. You can use between sentences.
    But as you can see the below, 때문에 is behind the "reason",

    I'm late because of you
    (나는) 너 때문에 늦었어

    He didn't come to school because he's sick
    그는 아프기 때문에 학교에 오지 않았어.


    that's how you should use.

    But there are some other way to use "because" .like 왜냐면 or 그래서 etc..
    if you have another question later contact me ! :)

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