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after learning Arabic, if I want to learn Persian, will it be a little easier?

Now, i am learning Arabic.
I know some letters of Persian are alike the letters of Arabic,so
after learning Arabic, if I want to learn Persian, will it be a little easier?
I need some suggestions.
thank you.

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And if it's possible, Please show some website to help me to learn Farsi,thank you.

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    they have lots of vocabularies with close meanings. nearly same alphabet! but really different pronunciation. and ofcourse completely different grammar. but for sure knowing one of them really helps in learning the other one.

    Arabic and persian have the same alphabets.

    Farsi is full of Arabic words. But the grammer is different.

    English Persian Arabic
    yes ..........نعم ..........بلی

    no.............لا .............نه


    how are you...............کیف حالک..........حال شما چطوره learning persian

    Yes , it will make it a bit easier, because they have almost the same alphabet with some difference in letters.
    Although the strucutre of the sentence is quite different, the vocabulary does have striking similarities as well, which makes it easier to memorize Persian vocabulary.
    The pronunication remains quite different. In general learning Persian ,while you speak Arabic will definitely facilitate the process.
    Some words and vocabulary are completely different ,where many other words share almost the same letters ,but the root of the words ,the conjugations and the grammar in general will require some effort ,because it is way different.
    Good luck ;)


    It's much like knowing French and wanting to learn English or vice versa.

    You've answered the question yourself. Yes it's easier cause of their similar appearance and some common words, verbs and expressions those have Arabic roots.
    But you have to note that their grammar is basically different. Using verbs, making adjectives, genders and positioning of the words are totally different.

    Hello! There is huge difference between farsi and arabic language,however if you learn arabic orally, you wont be able to understand farsi language tough! . SO this is my suggestion regarding your question.

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