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A sentence in Greek: Εχει ωραιο σπιτι με μπαλκονι και μεγαλα δωματια. I can't understand why the words σπιτι and μπαλκονι are used without indefinite articles. They are countable nouns and in English I would use indefinite articles for sure or it would be a mistake. Can anyone please explain m? I really need it!:)

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    Yes,I can explain you.Here,you describe what a house contains:a balcon and some big rooms.
    When we describe something like that in Greek we take it as something fixed.This house has balcon and room this is why we don't use indefinite article here.
    For example,we say ''Το αυτοκίνητό μου έχει καθίσματα και παράθυρα''= My car has seats and windows''.
    You can use έχει without an article.But when you speak about something not fixed that nobody could know what it may have,you can use indefinite article.
    e.g. Αυτός ο φάκελος έχει ένα στυλό και μερικές ζωγραφιές μέσα''.
    This file has a pen and some paintings inside.''
    I hope I helped you.

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