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salam every body how to learn farsi quickly can someone help thanks a lot

For learning: Persian (Farsi)
Base language: English
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    This guy has composed (tout seul vraisemblablement) a comprehensive method for learning Farsi with numerous audio/text samples... Highly recommended.

    Every language has four sections.........reading writinh...speaking...understanding.
    Whichone do you prefer?

    just be in touch with a native like me.

    you can find ,
    Language Partners/Speakers:- Persian --200-0--0-0.htm
    Language Teachers :-

    I can teach Persian. Contact me...

    hello.i can learn you farsi .you can learn me french.i send for you a friendship request yesterday but you did't answer to me.would you like learn farsi?do you want help me for learning french?if you want,harry up.if you don't want,please teel me.

    just with practise

    if you have any question about persian I can help.

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