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How to go about studying french after having studied mainly asian languages?

I've taken an introductory french class at school before but im wondering how i should proceed in learning it. Im very used to having to memorize large amounts of characters and not being able to pronounce certain words when i run into it the first time. I've noticed that in french that doesnt really happen too often( like when skimming wikipedia i recognize a bunch of words). So im trying to think of a good approach to learning French.

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    You learned Asian language ,but you speak fluent English and that should facilitate your process.

    The following are some essential steps you can take to learn French :

    **French Classes

    One of the most efficient ways to learn how to speak French is to take a class. If you don't want to attend a language school, there are almost certainly some reasonably-priced French classes available at your local community college or adult education center.
    If at all possible, spend some time in a French-speaking country - that is the absolute best way to learn French.

    **Online French Lessons

    Work on the basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and verb lessons in my French for Beginners section. You can choose between studying with the checklist (for a logical study order) or by topic.

    **Listen to French

    Listen to spoken French every day. The more you listen, the easier it will be for you to acquire that lovely French accent.
    Invest in some audio resources. Listen to French radio and watch television - even though it will be difficult to understand, it will help you get used to the rhythms of French speech.
    Listen to French music - you may not understand all the words, but your subconscious will be working away. Watch French movies. While reading the English subtitles, your mind will unconsciously work on decoding the French (well, that's what my high school teacher told me anyway).

    ** Read French

    Read French newspapers and magazines. For each article, make a list of the words you don't know, look them all up after you finish the article, and then read it again while referring to the list.
    Check out these French readers and bilingual books. Or you might prefer reading children's books like Le Petit Prince.
    Use a dictionary to make flashcards and themed word lists.
    * Use the flashcards to label everything in your house - doors, walls, bookshelves, rooms, etc.
    * Keep word lists in a binder - flip through the pages every day to test yourself. When you're sure that you know every word on a list, remove it from the binder to make room for new lists.

    **Speak French

    You can't learn how to speak French in a vacuum - at some point you just have to get out there and speak it. First, do some solo work on pronunciation, and then put your French into practice:
    Use French whenever and wherever you can. One obvious situation is shopping - write your shopping lists in French, count out your four apples or six cans of tuna fish in French, look at prices and imagine how to say them in French, etc.
    Try to think in French. When walking to the refrigerator, think J'ai soif or Qu'est-ce que je vais manger ?

    **Write in French

    Use the forum to ask questions and exchange messages with other French speakers.
    Find a pen pal to practice with.

    You'll just have to get used to a different style of pronunciation and learn to conjugate your verbs and use tenses correctly. Have a look at this italki site
    hello ! if you are good in English you will be also in french and get it as very quickly but you should be careful about pronunciation it's so important in french,but the so amusing and can help you ,they have some french words like in english (about meaning ) but pronunciation is not,for example "conversation (french meaning ) = conversation (english meaning ) but in pronunciation is not exactly in "a" (like in Chinese mandarin) , tion like (iyong) ve(r) like you will say 'hao' for "r" anyway you will notice that good luck
    if you are good in English you will be also in French as well, because you have some English words are the same in French,but you should be careful about pronunciation in french english to not confuse that, for example "conversation" it's similar meaning in french 'conversation' but at pronunciation is not
    "a" like (a0 in Chinese mandarin) "tion" like (iyion)and "ver" it's hard to explain
    anyway you will notice that
    Good luck



    The best way to learn a language is to have a native teacher who can explain subtleties of the language... so good luck!

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