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Please help me translate this sentence 月島に2度斬らせて元に戻ったんだ。

The first to characters is a name. What I can't decide is whether the speaker is saying "I had Tsukishima cut me twice IN ORDER TO revert back." or is he just stating the fact that Tsukishima cut him to times and both times he was able to return to his normal self?

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    Im thinking he was cut twice and then returned back to normal. I dont know how to explain why but I just have that gut feeling. The closest thing I can say is that if it were 回 instead of 度 then i think he probably was killed and turned back twice another thing is that he says he returns back to normal after he was cut twice he didnt say specifically if he was revived each time though.

    I guess you love the manga "Bleach."

    Anyone who says it, I assumed this is he, had been cut by Tsukishima at once, so he was insane.
    To wake himself, he was cut once more on purpose. and then He reverted back.

    I know the context of the sentence. Tsukishima is a character in Japanese manga titled "Bleach" (

    Tsukishima is an enemy against the hero. This enemy has a special ability. If he cuts someone with his sword, the person cut by him is not physically hurt, but his or her past memories are changed as Tsukishima wants. With the ability, Tsukishima cut friends of the hero, and the friends thought Tsukishima was their old friend. As a result, the friends tried to prevent the hero from attacking Tsukishima.

    The sentence in question implies that the second cut by Tsukishima makes the target person back to normal. So, the hero's friends who have cut by Tsukishima once should be cut by Tsukishima again in order to get their correct memories back and to understand that Tsukishima is their enemy!

    You can read Bleach in 少年ジャンプ (shonen jump)

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