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How to correctly pronounce "musisz"?


I was on skype yesterday with someone in Poland who told me that I'm not pronouncing the word musisz correctly and that the two "sh" sounds were different. Despite him repeating the word for me a couple of times I couldn't differentiate between the two sounds. I asked if it's possible that one sound is said more forward in the mouth and the other further back (which I know occurs in other languages like Hindi and Mandarin) and he said that it wasn't a matter of position in the mouth. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I did pronounce them the same way, the way I'd pronounce an "sh" sound in English.

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    1) I'd say tongue position is important here. "Sz" is created when the tip of tongue almost touch the palate. With "si/ś" the tongue is going forward and its middle part get closer to the palate.
    2) for "sz" check this out:, for "Si": You can write there other words and exercise.
    3) I think "sz" is similar to your "sh". "Si/ś" you can check here: The blue unicorn says something like "siaaaaaaa la" at play(t = 1.22). I think the very beginning of that exclamation is close to our "si/ś".

    Visit Google Translator:
    Choose Polish as the language that you want to translate from, then write "musisz" and push "listen" (the button below, I'm not sure if it's called this way in English version) and you'll hear the correct pronounciation of the word :)

    Hope it helps you :)

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