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I can't .... nothing

1.In Italian language "Non posso capire niente" is correct this translation "I can't understand nothing"? or is correct "I can understand nothing"? or...?.
2. Ci sono io!
for example: grandma says: "Today I'm alone", the nephew answer: "There is me!" is correct "There is me!" (Ci sono io!) or?

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    People make informal use of the expression " I can't understand nothing." but it is not grammatically correct.

    "I can't understand anything." is the correct form.

    As a rule double negatives are not used in the English language. That doesn't mean, however, that you will never hear them used.

    In formal English,
    I can't understand nothing...actually means...I can understand everything.

    "There's me." is possible. In speech contractions are the rule. There is = There's
    "There's me." has the meaning: How about me? I exist.

    "I'm here." is also possible.

    1. The correct translation would be: "I can't understand ANYTHING". Double negation is not allowed in English.

    2. I suppose the best way for the nephew to answer would be: "I am here!"

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