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What do you think about the accent and slang?

My foreign teachers are from America, England, Canada and South Africa. They all have their own accent. Ecept the American and Canadian, they sounds samilar. I wonder which one should I follow with? I mean which one should I learn. More widely used.

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    It is all the same language at the end of the day with just small differences and mainly various accents.The accent you will end up learning is that you are going to be exposed to more .
    If you happenend to live in Canada for a while you will surely adapt that accent with time,if you keep watching programs in British broadcasts,mingle with British native speakers,you are more likely to pick up that accent.
    If your language acquistion is limited on theoretical sources and online lesssons, it is left for you to choose the accent you prefer ,it is a personal matter and what does really matter is that whatever accent of your choice ,you will be understood by most native English speakers in the world with a minimum of miscommunication ,that could be eliminated by repeating the misheard words.

    Everybody's native language effects on his/her English accent. If you speak some words in English,I understand you are from China also if I do that you understand I am from Iran.

    It depends on where you are going. However, considering from the point of popularity, American accent is more popular and accepted.


    Hi... If you master your English don't worry too much about your accent ! good luck !

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