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Learning English on sleep

On some Farsi satellite TVs there is a commercial about
learning English on sleep. I do not belive this . How about you?

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    You can ask Eliot about that one ,he recommended before learning English in bed ,so he must be an expert in those matters :P

    Well ,yeh if you dreamt in English ,then you will be memorizing some vocabulary ,probably through your subconscience reserve of priorly acquired words,the ones you did during your waking hours.

    Learn more about this subject here:

    I have heard that you can learn any language while you sleep or drive. You can listen to English lessons on your ipod. Here's the English website

    Otherwise you can download a free spoken English course mp3- The Complete Course for Beginners (Colloquial Series) -

    lol, I have no clue whether or not one can learn English while asleep but I am pretty confident that it is the most effective way to master somniloquy in English!

    Myself I often fall asleep listening to russian radio broadcast although I can hardly understand a sentence of context in Russian. Despite that, this habit of mine has helped me indeed accommodate with the sound of Russian so that I can differentiate words and be capable of spelling and writing them correctly in Cyrillic.
    I think I shall start doing the same while listening to chinese radio broadcast so as to accomodate my perception to the mandarin Chinese sound too!



    Yes you can learn a lot of different things by hypnosis but remember it is not the same as sleeping in your bed...

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