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What is the meaning of "put someone in their place" and how to use it in a sentence?

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    "to put somebody in their place" is show someone verbally or physically that they are not as important as they think they are
    Examples: 1.She didn't respond to my invitation at all and so I was put firmly in my place.
    2.The criminals didn't like informants, so they put them in their place for good.

    To "put one in his place" is to impose upon a person your opinion or what you believe to be the truth, sometimes by stating a fact. You are changing the person's attitude or belief.

    "David thought that he could come to work an hour late. I told him that he is wrong and really put him in his place"

    "Did you see the way that man was looking at me? I [yelled at him] and put him in his place"

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