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How will you react when someone insult you?

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    If it's somebody that matters to me, I hope I would try to look past the insult and look at why they did it. Then I would try to get them to explain. At least, that is the ideal answer.
    If it's somebody that doesn't matter, then why bother about it in the first place?
    [I fully understand that what I say above is easy to say and much harder at times to put into practice - but at least it's a goal to aim for.]

    You can insult them back but you must remember -
    If someone treats you like a pig it doesn't entitle you to be a pig.
    i try to let explain their mistake..

    Depends on what kind of insult is ..and from which person...



    I agree with Rainy, it is difficult here to explain the right attitude to have without the context.

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