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Which one is the best country to visit between Malaysia or Indonesia?

I want to know from Malysian and Indonisian which country is the best to visit or from your own experience if you visited before ? for a 23 years old :P and i love nature and i know both are pilled up with green lands which i adore ^ _^

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    Indonesia..but if you love nature, you will love all the places in the world except your own country ( Egypt )...

    ( ....under 23 years old :P )
    if you love nature, visit sabah, malaysia! sabah is one of the state in malaysia.
    you will love it!
    Check this out or you can check out my blog:)

    This is an impossible question since it would elicit a different answer from everybody. Why don't you just do some research and then decide which one is most suitable for you?

    i agree with james

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