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Can some one translate this Bahasa for me?

Aduuh, jgn marah dong sayang, mendadak keluar kota, ini bru balik, dah disiapin kok yes..Siang ini yah- sekalian pesan obat mukanya..:-)

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thanks for helping..
jgn = Jagan (don't)
dong = what does this mean?
ini bru balik; bru = baru, (baru balik = new come back = just come back)

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    Don't angry, Babe.. out of town suddenly...just came's already..yes..this afternoon..also order to drugs for the face..


    Please don't be mad, hun. I had to go to another city and just came back. I've prepared it. This afternoon, ok? I also want to order the medicine for my face.

    dong = it mean isn't it or please..
    dah= sudah ( finished or have done)
    disiapin= disiapkan ( prepared)
    kok= huh?, its word to expressing amazed for something

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