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Still trying to write a name in hindi/sanskrit...

I'm still trying to traduce my husband's name in hindi. His name is Antoine. (You can go to|fr|Antoine, to hear the pronouncing of it) The thing is, i got 2 answers for people: अंटोनी and एंट्वॅन. Those answers seems a lot different to me…which would be the good one? Thanks for your help…

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    I think the closest sound to|fr|Antoine
    Would be:|hi|%E0%A4%86%E0%A4%A8%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%A4%E0%A5%8B%E0%A4%86%E0%A4%A8%20
    Try writting the Hindi word ppl are suggesting as if it were french word translated to Hindi so that you can hear the pronunciation in Hindi (like the link I pasted).... then you will be able to get the closest sound to Antoine as pronounced in French, which is not literal translation because a literal translation would result on a different sound....|hi|%E0%A4%85%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%9F%E0%A5%8B%E0%A4%A8%E0%A5%80 ---> sound of अंटोनी|hi|%E0%A4%8F%E0%A4%82%E0%A4%9F%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B5%E0%A5%85%E0%A4%A8 --> sound of एंट्वॅन

    How about .. अंट्वॅन
    An tho an

    the second one is correct... एंट्वॅन

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