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dekiru and -rareru/reru/eru verbs

I'm a bit confused. If a verb with an ending of
-rareru (like taberareru) what is "dekiru" for if those verb endings express the same thing? There is no "dekirareru" right?

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    "Dekiru" expression is often preferred in formal situations, while "-rareru" is more casual and conversational.

    The advantage of using "dekiru" for beginners is that you don't need to think about the conjugation. With "-rareru" form, you have to change the verb forms. ,You just need to add "kotoga dekiru" after a verb in dictionary form if you use "dekiru". You will have to learn the conjugation eventually, but "dekiru" works perfectly for the meantime.

    Also, "dekiru" itself is "-rareru" form of "suru."
    For example,
    わたしは テニスを する。I play tennis.
    →わたしは テニスが できる。I am able to play tennis.
    インターネットでホテルの予約をする。I book a hotel online.
    →インターネットでホテルの予約ができる。I can book a hotel online.

    There is no "dekirareru." You're right.

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