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Hanasu = to speak


Someone wrote me :

日本語で話しかけるね。(nihonngode hanashikakerune)
I don't understand "hanashikakerune"
what is this tense?

Thanks :)

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    you can see,the 話しかけるis consist of 話し+かける
    the かける here is 掛ける, it means 【begin to do something】 when it's put behind the other word(here the other word is 話し)
    so the 話しかける means "begin to say"
    and for example:食べかける begin to eat 歌いかけるbegin to sing
    but you need to know the word話しかける has two meanings
    the other meaning is "address",means you don't know somebody well,so you can say something initiatively to that person to begin a conversation:)

    SO~ the 日本語で話しかける=address sb in Japanese (でmeans "use","with")
    英語で話しかける=address sb in English
    another example 小野さんに話しかける=address 小野さん (にmeans "to")

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