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Wanneer gebruik ik "die" in plaats van "dat"? Ik weet 't nooit...

Nederlanders! Kun je me helpen, alsjeblief?

I'm never sure when I should use "dat" or "die." My impression is that "die" should be used when what you're referring to isn't present or is intangible? Am I even close with this theory?

Dank u wel!

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    When you are referring to something that is grammatically genderless, "Het" -woorden (het meisje, het huis, het mannetje, het schaap), you will use "dat".

    -Dat meisje is mijn zusje. ( That girl is my sister)
    -Het meisje dat mij aardig vind. ( The girl who likes me.)
    -Dat schaap is van boer Jan. (That sheep is from farmer Jan)

    For other words you use "Die"
    -Die deur is dicht. (That door is closed.)
    -Die TV is kapot. (That T.V. is broken.)
    -De man die gezocht wordt. (The man who is sought.)

    However if you create an extended adjective clause and you refer to a person you use "die" even for "het"-woorden.
    -Dat mannetje, die al een lange tijd naast mij woont, is dertig jaar oud. (That little man, who lives next to me for a long time, is thirty years old.)

    If I am wrong someone please correct me. Since I am a native speaker these things come naturally to me and I don't know the correct grammatical explanations.

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