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Newtherlands prononciation between "a"and"aa"

What is difference between 'a"and'aa"in newtherlands ? just a is short , aa is long ? or have other differences? Dank u !

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    some words are written with 1 a. en some with two. Also with the O and the E.
    For example: bank, slaap, rok, rook, rek, reeks. You pronounce 1 letter with a short sound and two letters with a long sound. o and oooo...a and aaaa e and eeeee. For example the word "sok" pronounced like the english word sock. And boot like the english word boat. But in plurals often the letters changes from 2 to 1..
    Slaap - slapen (ik slaap, wij slapen, i sleep, we sleep)
    wonen..ik woon, wij wonen (i live we live)
    eten..ik eet, wij eten ( i eat, we eat)
    fonetical you pronounce the words also with the long sound. wij eten (eeeeten)
    but when a pair of letters are after the letter..the sound becomes short..
    for example: rot - rotten (two T's after the O en pronounced short)
    lokken (two K's after the O)
    rokken ..
    roken (to smoke) is pronounced long because of the 1 K.
    brengen (ng) short sound
    bergen (rg)
    beren (pronounced long eeee because 1 R.
    So there's a difference between writing and what the ear hears.

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