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¿Cuál es tu acento español favorito? (Hablantes nativos de español, por favor)

I've only been learning Spanish for a week so I hope that question makes sense.

I'm just curious about which Spanish accent (from which country) do native Spanish speakers like the most? Which one sounds the most pleasant to you?

For native English speakers, a lot of people seem to really like the sound of the Irish English accent, or maybe even Scottish. It's subjective... But I was just curious about this idea in relation to the Spanish-speaking world.

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    Colombian accent is very neutral. So i think is the best for practicing LISTENING ;)

    Mi acento favorito es el Andaluz y el Canario. El Andaluz te hace gracia y el Canario te atrae.
    Sinceramente yo no tengo acento pertenezco a una parte de España donde se habla correctamente y a la larga es mejor. El acento tanto Andaluz, como Canario, como Gallego... te acaba cansando.



    Daniel... funny you'd ask that question and speak about Irish accent. That is indeed my favourite, though I don't speak that way, I go for more of a British accent.

    In Spanish there are all kinds of accents. My favourite accent is one spoken in Trujillo, in Perú.. but only of that area, the accent of Peruvian Spanish I do not like. Now as a country, Colombian Spanish is very beautiful. It is a pleasure to listen to them. Venezualans, Panamenians are nice also (sometimes mixed with English). Agentinean is the one with most character... I like that one very much. Chilean is an accent that I personally don't like (I am Chilean and I do not speak like a Chilean just because I do not like the accent). From the accents in Spain I have to agree with Blanca, Andaluz has a very nice accent.

    I hope this helps,


    Yo vivo en Argentina pero me gusta mucho como hablan los centroamericanos, especialmente el acento de Puerto Rico.

    I agree with Sol, I'm from Argentina too and I really like Latin American accents, you can hear it on the typicals mexican soup operas.
    Referring to english accents I like how Irish english sounds but I learned with american accent.

    El gaditano sin ninguna duda, la gente generaliza diciendo Andaluz pero cada provincia tiene su propio acento y vocabulario :) y si no me crees mira los carnavales de Caiii :P
    Por cierto yo resido en Málaga :)

    El de Chile y también me gusta el mío, del centro de México =)

    Me gusta el acento latino de mi país, la gente dice que nuestra vocalización y pronunciación se escucha bien. Tu puedes escuchar varios acentos en cada departamento.

    I liked that question...

    I'm from Seville, at the south of Spain. and even here in one single city, you can distinguish two clearly different accents (one with 'ceceo', and the other with 'seseo', both forms very strong).

    As Ego Ex Deus said, there is no single 'Andalusian' accent, each province has its own variant. I agree with him in liking the accent of people from Cadiz (I think mine is similar to this one).
    I suppose most people refer to the accent from Cadiz or Seville when talking about Andalusian accent, but the variants from Cordoba or Granada (also provinces in Andalucía), for example, are too different.

    Also I like accents from Barcelona and Mexico. I find kind of attractive the one from Argentina, too, so strong, or clear, I don't know. Here in Spain, many movies and TV shows are voiced with Vasque or Catalan actors, because their accents are pleasant in some sense, but of course, this is a matter of taste...

    Hey! I also like Irish accent!

    en lo personal me gusta mi acento!!! :) soy de bogotá (Colombia)
    Me gustan casi todos los acentos, desde como dicen "pololo" a los novios(as) en Chile, el distintivo "Che boludo" de Argentina y un "te llamo pa'tras" de Puerto Rico. Aahh y obviamente también los acentos españoles que jamás he podido imitar..jaja.. . vale que soy malisima!
    Así que no tengo favorito, sólo tengo palabras favoritas en cada acento.... cada uno tiene su encanto y a mi me encanta tratar de imitarlos todos! =)
    I like almost every accent, from how they say "pololo" to boyfriends in Chile, the distinctive "Che boludo" in Argentina, and the "Te llamo pa´tras" (Call you back) in Puerto Rico. And of course the spanish accents that I have never been able to imitate, I´m terrible at it.
    So I don´t have favorite, but there are some favorites words in each accent, every accent has its own delight and I just love to try to imitate them all.

    Hola Daniel!!! El Español se habla con diferentes acentos de acuerdo al país, y a la región dentro del mismo país. El mejor acento para quién está aprendiendo el aprendizaje de un idioma es el "neutro" porque la vocalización es buena. En Colombia la mayoría de la gente del interior del país habla con un acento "neutro" ej: Cali, Bogotá, Medellín, Ibagué, Neiva. Te deseo mucho éxito en el aprendizaje del Español.

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