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Could you please tell me the meaning of the expression "pull a boneheaded move" ?

Hello everyone.
I am reading an article with the following paragraph
"How can someone so smart be so stupid? We’ve all asked this question after watching a perfectly intelligent friend or relative pull a boneheaded move. "
I've already tried to find out the meaning of "pull a boneheaded move" on Google but I didn´t find it. Therefore, could you please help me understand the meaning of this expression?
Also I´d like to know if there is an expression (S) with the same meaning, I mean interchangeable as "pull a boneheaded move"?
Have a nice day.

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    The term, "bonehead" suggests that the person referred to has no brains and that his head is just filled with bone. So, to "pull a boneheaded move", is to do something that shows a lack of intelligence or to do something ignorantly.

    "Bonehead" = "stupid, moron", so the expression means "to do something stupid (moronic)".

    **Regards!! :D

    you can interpret "bonehead" as "idiotic" or "stupid" and "move" is the action taken.

    In other words to "pull a bonehead move" = " to do something stupid / to make an idiotic mistake "

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