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Can anybody give an examples of the use of THESE and THOSE?

I only know that both are the plural form of this and that, but I can't see the correcto moment to use it.

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    these are what you have and those are refering to something you dont have, for example;

    do you want some of THESE apples i have ?
    have you seen THESE flowers i planted ?

    did you see THOSE people down the road ?
    did you see THOSE apples at the market ?

    Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions :)

    this-singular.this is my house
    these plural these are my clothes
    that singular- that is the moon.(imagine that you are pointing to the moon)
    those plural -
    "these" - close to you (here)
    "those" - away from you (there)

    "These apples were picked today." - the apples that are here, were picked today
    "Those apples were picked yesterday." - the apples over there, were picked yesterday

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